Tools for Your Craft! Kitchen Essentials

kitchen cabinetThe Essential Kitchen Inventory

There are some items necessary to buy and store in the kitchen like commercial ice machines, cookware, knives and etc.. They will be there to help you with most basic tasks for cooking in a restaurant.  Even though the price tag might be higher than expected, there are a few tricks to getting around it. The best place to find anything needed for your kitchen would be a restaurant supply store. Department stores are good for deals on cheaper flatware and cups. Here is a basic list of the essentials. This list is going to come in handy for anyone looking to start or edit their kitchen.


A main culinary tool is the cutlery. Knife sets usually have more than what is needed. All a kitchen needs to get started is the basic. A chef’s knife is great for chopping vegetables, slicing cooked or raw meat or mincing garlic and herbs. A paring knife is good for smaller jobs such as peeling fruit or cutting garlic cloves or herbs. Then another amazing tool is the serrated knife. This knife is great for meat, bread, fruit and vegetables. And last but not least, the kitchen shears. There should be a dedicated pair in the kitchen for opening packages to slicing pizza. They are also great for cutting herbs. The ideal pair would come apart for easy cleaning. Buy good quality of whatever you buy. Also don’t forget about the sharpener. It is important to keep everything sharp.


cookwareThe right cookware can make all the difference. There are a few pots that are great to have around. A large pot or Dutch oven is ideal for boiling water or potatoes and a saucepan is great for the smaller task of sauces and custards. Another great have is a nonstick skillet. These are awesome for eggs meals and stir frying. Baking sheets or sheet pans are great for baking cookies or toasting nuts. A rectangular baking pan is for the job of baking lasagna or sheet cakes. Most are 9 by 13. A smaller square pan is also good to have to bake things like brownies or small casseroles. Mixing bowls go to pans as dish soap goes to the sink. It is good to have a few large sizes and medium/small sized bowls are the key. With lids, it can double as leftover storage! Oh and don’t forget the oven mitts and pot holders. Safety should always come first!